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Autos classified script

Have you ever wanted to create your own online Cars marketplace. It is mainly Car Wish Swap and Sell Script is an innovative software for creating an online marketplace where users can buy, sell or exchange items. Car-Wish-Swap-Sell Script lets you charge your users listing fee, featured car listing fee, optional escrow fee or monthly subscription. It gives you the flexibility to charge any or none these fees from your users. our Script supports most common payment gateways. Also offline payment methods are supported. The powerful admin section allows you to have multiple categories, sub categories and control every aspects of the business. Car-Wish-Swap-Sell Script supports features like unlimited number of users/categories/products ,one click featured products, Free/paid registration, themes, content management etc.
vehicle listing script

Eicra AutosScript is a complete online car solutions for both Rental and Sale & display solutions to meet your various business needs. Presently we have two version of script for sale and rant. Car / Vehicle Renting Script in PHP and My-sql, multilingual, all customizable, template based, CSS , real time booking, Made, Models, etc. Discounts for days, complete Backend to add all, countries, cities, AC, colors, activate - deactivate, translatable, unlimited languages, all kind of Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Trailer, Busses, Boats, Aero planes, bikes, etc. Template based, header , Footer, etc.. Automatic Mail after booking to client and Admin, Paypal, CC payment - datas passed trough to the backend, pay on pick up, wire transfer, cars listing, WTSIWYG editor for HTML Editor and preview.


autos script

  • Eicra allows you to easily publish your fleet to your website creating an efficient way for visitors to place a reservation. Car Manager brings car, van and other vehicle rental owners an easy to use and affordable web based reservation management system. Eicra Autos Script is the best choice if you need a web-based vehicle reservation software for your car rental company. It is similar to Car Rental Broker Management System by functionality but is intended for a single car rental operator, not for a global car rental broker.
  • Eicra Auto script is a web solution written in PHP and it uses a MySQL database for storing the data. In order to run it on your server/hosting package you need both PHP and MySQL running and also mod_rewrite (if you plan to use the functionality for SEO links, it can be turned off if this module isn't present).
car portal script

  • Postcode based distance tracking and millage wise billing system using Google API
  • Dynamic Car booking, Invoicing and payment system in built.
  • Powerful admin panel to manage operations centrally and have maximum control over the site.
  • Publishing Customized Ads from administration area.
  • Maximum customization control of site content and managing site Menu / Sub-menu.
  • Managing website's Content from both Frontend & Backend WYSIWYG HTML Editors.
  • Powerfull postcode based billing based on millage using Google MAP GIS.
  • Powerful Cars photo gallery by creating unlimited categories and subcategories of product.
  • Change of image quality, height Width and layout And Dynamically upload photo with title and descriptions.
  • Publishing news based on various categories and sub-categories.
  • Highlighting the maximum illustration of a cars showing back view / font view / seat view etc.
  • Make your site stylish and professional by giving a different look and feel to each page! You can define the areas of site that will be searchable, be it an entire site.


Best PHP web applications

  • Online Car Booking Options
  • Online & offline Payment System
  • Invoice Details
car hire software

  • Create Dynamic Booking Form through Admin Panel
  • Invoice Management List


autos listing script

  • Creation of unlimited Categories and Sub-categories of Property
  • Create / Edit / Delete Categories
  • Adding Unlimited number of photos related to a autos
  • Edit / Delete and managing properties images
  • Change of image quality, height Width and layout
classified car portal script

  • Dynamically upload photo with title and descriptions
  • Customization of Raw and Columns of horizontal and vertical view
  • Automatically resize photo to make it fit on the front-end display
  • Set Photo Gallery display properties
  • Automatic thumbnails generation for bigger view


car booking script

  • Eicra Autos script is powerful, professional looking and easy customizable. With it you may have your own customized and professional looking auto portal providing rich functionalities to the users. It's template based and can be used with various templates and can be easily customized with your colors, logo etc. You may find on this website different demos and information, you're more than welcome to contact us if you have any additional questions.
  • This applicaiton is more like Showcase fashioned solution for running auto classifieds portals. It provides functionality for the private sellers to signup, list their car for sale and make changes in their ads online using the private sellers administration space. The product provides special functionalities for the dealers to work and manage multiple ads. An affiliate functionality is also included, affiliate partners may signup and earn commissions on all the sales done through their links. The product comes with a very powerful back office application for the administrators, allowing them not only to manage the cars portal settings, the dealers, affiliates etc. but also providing them full control over the website, its structure and content, statistics, search engines functionality and many others.
  • Eicra Autos script is a web solution written in PHP and it uses a MySQL database for storing the data. In order to run it on your server/hosting package you need both PHP and MySQL running and also mod_rewrite (if you plan to use the functionality for SEO links, it can be turned off if this module isn't present)..
Best PHP web applications

  • Supports unlimited categories and subcategories, giving multiple options to users.
  • Ability to display Featured Autos, Latest Added and other pictorial presentation to attract customer.
  • Powerful admin panel to manage operations centrally and have maximum control over the site.
  • Highlighting the maximum illustration of a cars showing back view / font view / seat view etc.
  • Edit the content of the pages with a powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Users can swap, buy and sell items, creating a marketplace of cars.
  • Users can add their own wish list to share with others.
  • Search engine optimized HTML code and layout to attract increased traffic
  • Online registration and secure login to manager his / her account
  • Supports banners and google adsense, increasing profits.


php autos script

  • Front page Quick Search facility.
  • Powerful Price search based on Date, Time, Area ,distance, seats, Passengers, Luggage many more.
  • Zipcode wise search for distance in mile.
  • Making booking / reservation through online.
  • Online registration and secure login.
car rental script

  • Subscribing for newsletter and submitting user feedback.
  • Create / Manage Priceslab based on distance and miles.
  • Easy searchable, be it an entire site or a specified area of the site (e.g. News, Gallery, Articles, etc.).
  • Highlighting the maximum illustration of a cars showing back view / font view / seat view etc.
  • Create / Manage Locatioins.


Best PHP web applications

  • Eicra Auto script website allows car buyers to browse available autos for free. The Auto Classifieds Software Script include detailed features, photos, dealer/individual information. The solution is complete PHP Auto Script Software and includes hosting and email as well.
  • Set up your own fully functional advanced PHP Auto Classifieds Script Software website for buying and selling autos and vehicles. You can launch it for specific country, nice category, specific vehicle or as a dealer website. Our classifieds software Script software is customized to each client's requirements. It allows you to run your own free or commercial automobile classified ads service or just manage your dealer's ads and listings on your website in an effective and organized way.
  • Written to be very intuitive and easy to use you will get a professional site with less amount of work. The installation takes just few minutes, and you do not need programming skills to customize the script for your needs.
  • Eicra Auto Classifieds has a SEO optimized structure so you do not need to spend $$$ to hire 3rd party SEO oriented companies to do SEO
classified software

  • The Auto Classified Software is an all-in-one solution for creating a profitable vehicle website. It makes setting up and modifying your classified website so simple, you can start turning a profit almost straight away.
  • As a Web Developer, this car software expands the range of options you can offer to clients. That means a wider client base and greater potential for upselling other services, which all feeds the bottom line. Never get caught out on a client project requiring a car classifieds interface again.
  • For an Online Entrepreneur, our auto classified software holds the keys to building a long-term, automated, highly profitable vehicle trading business in a short space of time. Extend an existing website or begin a new one to capitalize on the worldwide boom in used vehicle sales. Car software allows you to easily position yourself in under-exploited niches where profits are just waiting to be made.
  • Pre-moderation and post moderation (after edit) of all listings (customizable)
  • User segmentation via multiple custom user groups.

CMS Features

The Software fundamental features will help starting your own Auto Classifieds Website. This will meet the requirements of Private Auto Dealers, Auto Dealership Companies and other Enterprises selling Vehicles.

Auto Spare Parts Shopping Feature

  • The software allows you to add, edit and manage autos spares part images, prices, discount Parts cost, Aftermarket Auto parts price including "Add to cart" functionality according to your desire.
  • System generates invoice based on order for both admin and user which gives a great experience of online autos marketplace.
  • Your visitor can find this web script easy to search, browse and navigate their desired spare parts very quickly and place order right away.

Security Features


  • Vacation rental script
    ALLOW / DENY IP(s)
  • Vacation rental script
  • Vacation rental script
  • IPv4 and IPv6 based Blocking control.
  • According to the setting, all file uploading process are centrally controlled that ensures proper security checking before loading to your server.
  • Pending Approval. You can choose that some listings, accounts or other actions on your site to wait for administrator approval.
  • On top of role based ACL setting, there is an extra layer of access level policy setting that ensures better control of application privilege system.
  • Email / Account Blocking.
  • Captcha Image Verification for forms.
  • Built in send mail system to prevent email stealing.
  • The application has various image setting, file extensions and watermarking features to play with.
  • Regular security audits.
  • Failed login notification alerts send to admin with IP and other headers for better tracking.


Application's in built power
  • Single Components - Hotels, Flights, Vacation rentals, Tours Packages, Car Rentals, Transfers, Attractions, membership plan and others.
  • Dynamic Packages Module - Groups a minimum of two services (e.g. flight and hotel, car and flight , hotel and vacation rentals), and applies business rules to yield a single selling component. Enables cross-selling and up-selling of a variety of services. A significant time saver for the maintenance of system packages, it is possible to book either single or double destination packages.
  • Sorting & Filtering - Sort results according to Price, Name, Recommended or Availability. Apply your business preferences and promote or filter out products & suppliers from the range of available content sources, including in-house contracts and\or external links to online suppliers.
  • Online polling - Live interactive custom polling Like | dislike and point based preference tracking and sort by popularity.
  • Check availabilities - Check hotel, vacation rentals availabilities through interactive calendar.
  • Maps - View city map, showing various options including vacationrentals. Maps are retrieved through Google Maps and other map providers.
  • Multiple Language & Currency - according to user preference.

And many more...
  • Your site visitors will be able to take use of Quick Search, Refine Search displayed on search results page and Advanced Search for specifying hotel criteria.
  • Vacation Rental Reviews System - visitors may rate and review listings.
  • SEO optimization with SEO-friendly URLs and dynamic meta tags.
  • Zip/Postal Code radius search with databases available upon request.
  • Photo Gallery with automatically created thumbnails and watermark text or image.
  • Google Maps integration with a map coordinates picker for exact realty listing.
  • Multi administrators back office - possibility to create multiple admin users and assign them different access rights for the system resources.
  • Abilities to add any type of custom fields into a real estate listing submission and search forms, includes lots of controls to set the field type, search type and fields order you need.
  • Publishing Ads and making a property for "Featured" to maximize the sale process.
  • CMS based Modern Booking Kernel, engineered for high volume load and optimal system performance.
  • Customized GDS Engine for the flexible connection to external flight, rental car and hotel systems (Condition + Extra charge applied)
  • Adaptable Internet Booking Engine
  • 100% LAMP, based on Standard web Application Server
  • Completely browser based cross browser support
  • MVC driven, automated code generation
  • Absolutely platform independent